Welcome to Ramblings of a Grey Muzzle. A podcast from the creators and hosts of TigerTails Radio, as they give their aged and often cynical look at the world and all the things contained within it. If you ever wondered how the world looked from the perspective of those in their 40’s, who have a combined 60 odd years worth of experience of the Furry community, then this is the podcast for you.

Each episode a topic will be decided upon and then XavierWolf, TK Tiger, and Hedge Haiden will then form a discussion around it. Opinions might be strong, and so may the language in places, but the conversation will be free and fast flowing as our aged hosts all have something to say about most things – even if it is quite mis-informed in places. While the cast are all members of the Furry Fandom, the conversations will not be solely focused on the community. Anything is up for grabs. After all, you can’t put the world to rights if you’re not willing to talk about the world.

Episodes will come out on a roughly monthly basis on all major podcasting sites, including Spotify, iTunes, and Google Podcasts.