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Episode 6 – Bucket List

In the list of topics the cast didn’t think they’d be covering when this podcast started, what they wanted to do before they died was strangely enough not amongst them. In fact, it was one of the first topics Xavier suggested. So we can add “morbid” to “angry” during the intro from now on. So with Xavier steering the ship, TK and Hedge join in with the conversations about things they can do before they kick the bucket.

Talking points include:
What is a bucket list
Things already ticked off
Fear of heights and flying
TK’s first bucket list item
Xavier’s first bucket list suggestion
Hedgie’s first bucket list suggestion
Suggestions on how to write a novel
Xavier’s first bucket list item
Random quick suggestions
Ponderings on if getting a tattoo would be a bucket list item
Hedgie’s second list suggestion
TK’s second bucket list item
Hedgie’s second bucket list item
Hedgie’s third bucket list item
Xavier’s second bucket list item
Xavier’s third bucket list item
Getting lost in Japan
Thoughts on how to end TigerTails Radio
Hedgie’s fourth bucket list item
TK’s third bucket list item
Xavier’s fourth bucket list item
Being gunged in a fursuit
Will the cast achieve any of their items?

The cast would love to hear from you if you have anything to add to the conversation, so please leave feedback about the show, or share your own experiences and tales, and they may well be talked about in future episodes.