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Episode 2 – Sonic the Hedgehog

Episode 2 of the podcast sees our hosts talk about the classic Sega mascot Sonic the Hedgehog. Starting with the humble beginnings on the Megadrive/Genesis, Sonic’s career has spanned 30 years and many different games. So with Xavier steering the conversation the trio talk about the many different Sonic games, the alternate canons, and the fan base.

Talking points include:
Sonic’s early years / The Classic Era.
How TK and Hedge got into the Sonic series.
Sega vs Nintendo in the UK.

Sonic’s 3D revamp / The Dreamcast Era.
2D vs 3D – Do they compare?
Sonic cartoons.
The Sonic Cycle™.

Sonic’s modern games / The Boost Era.
Were there any good 3D Sonic games after Adventure 2?
Living as a Sonic fan.
Sonic – Speed vs Exploration.
Why Sonic 4 sucked, and Sonic Advance didn’t.
Xavier’s opinion on the Boost era.
Sonic Boom – The cartoon

The cast would love to hear from you if you have anything to add to the conversation, so please leave feedback about the show, or share your own experiences and tales, and they may well be talked about in future episodes.